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Floor Cleaning

Our professional hard floor cleaning service utilizes a powerful scrubber dryer to deep clean and restore the beauty of your floors. With advanced technology and efficient water management, we provide consistent results while saving you time and effort

Scrubber dryer machine floor cleaning

The Process of Hard Floor Cleaning

01. Scrubbing & Cleaning

Using our powerful scrubber dryer, we apply a suitable cleaning solution and let the machine's brushes or pads agitate and remove dirt and stains from the floor surface. The scrubbing action ensures a deep clean while minimising water usage for optimal results and customer satisfaction.

02. Water Extraction & Drying

The scrubber dryer's powerful suction mechanism extracts the dirty water simultaneously and leaves the floor almost dry for safety and convenience. It ensures that excess water and moisture are removed from the surface, leaving it clean and dry. Without proper water extraction, floors can become slippery and hazardous. 

The Benefits of Hard Floor Cleaning


Exceptional Results

Our professional technicians, along with the scrubber dryer's advanced cleaning capabilities, deliver outstanding cleaning results, restoring the original beauty of your hard floors.

Stone Sidewalk


Time and Effort Savings

 Our efficient process and specialised equipment significantly reduce the time and effort required for hard floor cleaning, allowing you to focus on other priorities.

Gray Tiles


Extended Floor Life

 Regular cleaning with a scrubber dryer helps preserve the integrity of your hard floors, preventing the build-up of dirt and grime that can cause long-term damage.

Cement Floor


Safe and Environmentally Friendly

We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions and adhere to safe practices, ensuring the health and well-being of both you and the environment.

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